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Habataku is a education company founded in Japan in 2010, providing short-term training programs creative, varied and plentiful for students, students and employees in the country.


The world we are living is rapidly changing and hard to predict the future. In such a Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity World, all of us need to have the mindset and skills to overcome the deeply intertwined diverse challenges and co-create the sustainable world together. To obtain that mindset and skills, Habataku believes that to get out of the comfort zone is the most important experiences for the first step. The person who once gains the confidence to change the world can organize the life as they want and make the world better. Let’s go beyond the border and create the co-creative world together !



7BF AVENIS Building, 145 Dien Bien Phu Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.




Uchida Bldg 4F, 15-3, Nihombashi Odemmacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan.

[Offices] US Office(Boston) Philliphines Office(Manila)


[Chi nhánh Akita]

117-1, Aza Yomoginaidai, Babame, Gojomemachi, Akita-gun, Akita, Japan

We envision a co-creative world where individuals design their own lives and collaborate with one another to build a more desirable future. Globalization is making us more connected than ever before and technology is now advancing at accelerating rates, transforming the way we live our lives. The future ahead of us is now filled with both enormous potential and great uncertainty, with increasingly complex social challenges emerging across the globe. We believe such a world calls for the rise of a more co-creative generation of individuals; individuals who can think for themselves in designing their own lives (Have a Takt!), and collaborate with one another to build a more desirable future.

〜Design for a Co-Creative World〜 Shifting the way people think and act through “Co-creative Learning” Our mission is to provide educational training experiences (programs, projects, platforms, etc) that immerse participants into creative learning environments with diverse people. Such “co-creative learning” experiences are designed to trigger fundamental shifts in the way people think (OS) and act (learn/work), and form the building blocks for a more “co-creative world”.

Training a new generation of “glocal” leaders The future world is a dynamic one and demands a new generation of “glocal” leaders; leaders who have the ability to understand social changes on a global scale, establish strong relationships within their local communities, and co-create new value in a society with diverse people. Such a philosophy behind leadership is driven by three shifts we are experiencing today. philosophy First, the world we live in is becoming increasingly interconnected, creating countless new opportunities to collaborate with people of diverse backgrounds.

  • Second, accelerating rates of advancements in technology are expanding the potential of what we do as humans to more creative endeavours,
  • And third, the emergence of complex and interconnected social challenges across the globe (wealth inequality, resource scarcity, etc) are challenging traditional models of success and encouraging us to rethink the way we live our lives.

To better succeed in such a dynamic world, we train individuals to go beyond their comfort zones to collaborate with those around them, enhance their creative potential, and learn to “think and act” with both a global and local perspective in mind. Habataku will continue to provide learning experiences that accelerate the development of such “glocal“ leaders the future desperately awaits.


Habataku Group currently offers various courses for children in Japan and Southeast Asia

Habataku was founded in 2010 in Japan with the trades of Education and

Human Resources consultancy, by the former IBM business consultants

In 2011, Co. Habataku started providing learning content in Vietnam

Habataku Vietnam was established in 2013

with 100% of the corporate capital investment Habataku

Taktopion Inc. – Subsidiary of Habataku was established in Japan

Our Philosophi


A new generation of leaders Comprehensive

Our world is changing rapidly. Globalization is helping us connect with people faster than ever before and technology is growing exponentially, it is changing the way we live. Our future is filled with tremendous potential and is full of challenges and uncertainties, with the increasing complexity of the challenges of society from around the world. We believe that a future where people are known curve as m ot new generation of “global leaders”, the leaders have the ability to understand the difference in the stature of society international, but also can create positive change to their homeland, where they live. To become a “comprehensive leadership”, we believe that individuals need to get out of their safety zone anxieties, and cooperate with other friends, and learn how to “think and act” with perspective both local and international perspectives. Therefore Habataku mission is to accelerate the development of “global leadership” a much-needed future.

The experience abroad is the first stepping stone

We believe that an important step to become a global leader as “experience the world”. By challenging yourself in an international learning environment and work with people from everywhere, students can change their minds and what skills needed in their professional future. Only when students undergo a responsible international environment we are confident that they can learn and think globally and act with native style, they have become one with the title “global leadership electricity”. This explains why the two programs both our core is “Study Tour” and “Global Port” is designed to achieve precisely the goals we set. The program “Study Tour” allows students to experience life in a foreign country in a short time. Thus creating the foundation to think more about their future later. Meanwhile, the program “Global Port” allows the students are truly mastered life of a student at the university. It was the stepping stone to the students can realize their dream and his ambition

Habataku Member

The creators, passionate and energetic


Under the management of consultants from Japan the same network more closely with universities, educational institutions and business leaders, Habataku we get free advice and training program design private short term appropriate for each audience.

We are committed to prepare before and during the trip:

  • Specific advice on the content of training, visiting and surveying
  • Organization skills training workshop
  • Contact partners at home and abroad
  • Buy airfare, transportation
  • Accommodation (homestay, hotel, hostel, …)
  • Food on request
  • Visa support in the following countries: UK, USA and Japan
  • Travel insurance

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