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Onsen, Sino reading is thermae, “Wen” means warm, hot, “Quanzhou” means springs, so onsen hot springs mean. Japan is a volcanic country with a lot of them are still active, so it is also home to lots of onsen, and it has played an important role in attracting tourists and foreign annual.

Onsen also argue that the same Sentou, are very clean and new bath soak in the tub to the other, each of which is soaked outdoors. Indeed, what is not the same, just a little bit of the same form. Sentou boiling hot water is then poured into the tub, also Onsen natural hot springs are formed from volcanoes was no longer, or is still active, the water here is pure mineral water there. That is good for dental health. Therefore, the Japanese Onsen not only to excellent spiritual sustenance but also for healing and body care anymore.

The origin and formation of hot springs:
Japan is considered to be one of the countries with hot springs source (the Japanese called it the “Onsen”), the most abundant in the world: across the length of Japan has about 150 hot springs and the creek 1400 small. Soak in the hot springs with temperatures between 25 ° C à 60 ° C or 100 ° C where near as: Ogama Onsen in Nagano has long ago was a favorite habit of the people of Japan. And so far soak in hot springs between the natural landscape has been scientifically proven to be one of the most effective therapies to relax, reduce stress and fatigue MOIT cure some other illnesses thanks in mineral resources abundant in hot springs in Japan. We know that due to the topography of Japan with volcanoes so it has a lot of hot water, but besides that the formation of (Onsen) may include:

– The groundwater is of volcanic magma heated line.
– Part of the ancient dead animals were fossilized, the rest is broken down into oil & mineral water formed constitutes a significant amount of minerals in the water heater circuit.
– Purified Water goes through a section center of the Earth and is heated.

Tradition often left exposed Onsen (Japanese bath house is rotenburo opencast or notenburo), but today the bathroom in the house style is very prevalent, operates under the management of local authorities or private ( uchiyu) – usually the hotel, hostel or private ryokan (Minshuku – serving only bed and breakfast for the guest), typical of the style inn is usually the head mistress okamisan.

Onsen appear mainly in rural areas, so the two lovers, spouses and children or the whole company after the working hours of intense studying, or simply looking for a new romance and the incredible swimming by train from city to remote rural areas to relax and sentiments under warm water.

The tourist destination famous hot springs in Japan

Yuzawa Onsen ở Niigata


Kinugawa Onsen ở Tochigi


Nyuto Onsen ở Akita.

Mùa đông sắp hết, nhưng thời tiết ở Nhật lúc này vẫn rất lạnh, một số nơi tuyết vẫn phủ trắng xóa và tắm nước suối khoáng nóng sẽ là một trải nghiệm tuyệt vời cho các bạn.  Trải nghiệm về Onsen chắc chắn các bạn sẽ không bao giờ quên.

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