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Culture Omotenashi - the pride of the Japanese » HABATAKU

Culture Omotenashi – the pride of the Japanese

Culture Omotenashi – the pride of the Japanese

When I first came to Japan, perhaps many foreign students are very surprised with the warm hospitality at anywhere in Japan, from the shops, luxury hotel to the convenience store or the coffee shop baby beige coffee, all served here are ways to entertain guests very polite, courteous and always with a smile on his lips criteria of a “customer is king”. The warm hospitality: Omotenashi (お も て な し) is the motto of business in Japan, and the world-famous Japanese with that: お も て な し の 心 (hospitality).

Van hoa Omotenashi-Van hoa Nhat Ban

There are three basic things in the spirit of the Japanese Omotenashi understand and try to be aware of:

❁ attentive customer care on their expectations.

This is the basic difference between the services (サ ー ビ ス) and Omotenashi. The waiter brought towels for guests or innkeepers prepare bedding for the service to rest. But when the waiter brought it slightly difficult for guests and said: “You must have worked tired!”, Or when she innkeepers to write a small piece of paper next to the mattress quilt was spread out for guests with words message: “I wish you a good night!”, or when at the coffee shop waiters brought coffee for you and smile and say: “Come you slowly enjoy” …, it is called Omotenashi.

Gestures interested customers, make them feel comfortable, so comfortable was the little things, but subtle, gives visitors the sympathetic, impressive and drag them back to second, thrice.

Van hoa Omotenashi_Van hoa Nhat Ban


❁ Wholeheartedly serve without visitors to “post quintal” again.

In many countries around the world such as USA, Australia, the staff treated the guests usually polite to tip a little extra grip for employee bonuses as money paid for service receptionist. But in Japan, where luxury, whether small or normal store, employees are wholeheartedly greet, thank, serve without requiring additional cost anything. Seating polite attitude, politeness without requiring dedicated to the response to such customer is Japanese Omotenashi.

❁ attitude warm reception from a sincere heart, not reluctantly.

Japanese people have the notion that to be interested, think of others, myself should have a drop in the soul, the spirit is like the concept of just pouring a glass of water when adding water to the empty cup only. Therefore, to get the gap in the soul, the Japanese often come to meditate, read a book or go see the paintings in the Museum of Fine Arts, to have time alone contemplate, help calm and private honed rethinking itself.

Van hoa Omotenashi - van hoa Nhat Ban

In the era of internationalization today, many cultures, different thoughts introduced into Japan, they try to be inclusive but not dissolved, and the reverse also is trying to bring the beauty to be proud of expanding Japanese culture to the world.

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